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We are pleased to present our new musical drama, Suicide The Musical.

John is a man on the edge. Stuck in a dead end job and friendships, the empty wine bottles are piling up. One day he wakes up and decides that this will be his last. As he starts planning his demise, will he find anything to make life worth living?

‘Suicide The Musical’ is a heartfelt, poignant but humorous take on the serious issue of male suicide, that will have you laughing, crying and even questioning your own existence.

The show puts a real focus on the contributing factors of male suicide in the modern age.

The show has been reworked from its Fringe premier and is available to perform. For more information please contact us on

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Edinburgh Fringe Cast 2017

Feedback and Reviews

"It’s a harrowing account of how easy falling into a dangerous mindset can be"

"It’s a brave topic to deploy for a musical"

"The musical leaves you feeling happy but tearful. Here’s one hour that will make you think"
The Wee Review

"The music itself is catchy and nicely written, with melodies that are easy to learn. It is slightly reminiscent of Jonathan Larson’s style, pop-rock inspired by jazz. The songs transition nicely into each other with clever reprises and repeated motifs"

"Well written musically and lyrically"
Broadway Baby Review