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We are pleased to present our musical political thriller, X.

In the not-so distant-future and one world government dominates all. When Mia, a bright new politician, offers a popular new set off ideas, she rapidly gains public and media support that threatens the established order. Before long, she discovers that not everyone supports her vision of a fairer world, but can they convince the electorate? 

In our current turbulent political climate, (inspired by Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump and the murder of politician Jo Cox) X is a timely warning of a possible tomorrow, a darkly entertaining show is set to make you think about who’s shaping our world view and how.

The show has been reworked from its Fringe premier into a full length two act show using spoken word and an urban rhythm. The show is available to perform. For more information please contact us on

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Edinburgh Fringe Cast 2017

Feedback and Reviews

"X shines in those moments that could work as stand-alone songs. Conversation and It’s Politics are fine instances of dark satire that made me laugh and grimace at how true they were"

"A collection of clever and interesting songs"
Broadway Baby Review

"We were excited by the concept of the show" Review